This worship service is especially created for kids and families experiencing sensory processing challenges. 11:30AM on Sundays.

The worship includes prayer, Scripture, a brief homily, and holy communion, but is in a sensory friendly atmosphere.  For example, the service is 25-30 minutes, the lights are dimmer, the music is softer, and worshippers are welcomed to make use of the different chairs, to move about as needed, to try the additional sensory friendly room, and to just be themselves.

Bring all your fidgets and gear.  Make yourself comfortable.  And make use of the resources we have on hand, too. 
This worship service is also an expressed welcome to come as you are.  The people of Resurrection who created this worship service are the parents of children living with sensory processing challenges and are also trained professionals who work with children with autism and sensory processing challenges.  We are familiar with some of the reasons why it can feel difficult and/or intimidating to worship when someone has a sensory processing challenge.  We hope this worship service reduces these hurdles and also communicates that we believe the sounds, behaviors, and coping techniques of our sensory friends are not a distraction at all, but are also worship and praise and a delight to God's ears.

The Sensory Friendly Service is on Sundays at 11:30AM!